About Trisedco

TRISEDCO, one of Sao Mai Group’s member companies, founded in 2008, specializes in crude fish oil & fishmeal production. The fish meal and crude fish oil is processed from Pangasius filleting offal (including head, bone, skin, fin, broken meat, belly, organs…). 


Our technology: Trisedco fishmeal factory is certified to meet HACCP standard and ISO 9001:2008. Main equipments of the fishmeal plant are imported in Germany. 

Our production capacity: the factory capacity is currently 270 metric tons of input material per day. This capacity is planned to be 500 MT per day in 2014. With that production expansion, the company strives to be the leading in Pangasius fishmeal and fish oil supplier in Viet Nam. 

Our markets: Our main customers are from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Thailand. 

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